Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yoghurt House

     A trip to Sagada is not complete without trying the dishes of Yoghurt House.  The food is served with fresh vegetables, served hot and in generous servings.  Their home-made yogurt is popular among locals and tourist.  Aside from their yummy yogurt, from breakfast meal, lunch and to dinner, overall the taste is excellent.  They are the best restaurant in Sagada so far.

     The ambiance is rustic, cozy and warm.  You can smoke upstairs in the balcony.  But the size of restaurant is quite small especially if you come in group.

     I recommend this restaurant to eat, drink and relax.  And I will definitely come back for more to try their other dishes.

little kitchen


Grilled eggplant in basil pasta

Sauteed beef in onions and rice

Baked chicken with potato rosti and vegetable salad

Curry chicken (the best!)

Banana with strawberry yogurt

Granola with strawberry yogurt

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