Friday, February 18, 2011

T.G.I. Fridays

     My officemate who recently celebrated her birthday treated us a dinner at T.G.I. Fridays.  It was after office work, so that we have much time to chat about anything. Well, this place is perfect for birthday because you may request the TGIF staffs to sing the celebrant a birthday song.  

     T.G.I. Fridays is the first American casual dining restaurant in the Philippines.  It is operated by the Bistro Group of Restaurant Concepts.  According to them, the expression TGIF means “Thank Goodness It’s Friday” or “Thank God It’s Friday.”  It’s known for its red striped appearance and designed with antiques.  

     About the food, they have generous servings that  suit 2-4 pax, depending how big it is. 
They have the best delectable steaks and you can also customize it.

     We ordered Jack Daniel’s Half Ribs & Shrimps, Sizzlin’ Combo Fajita, Jack Daniel’s Pork Chop and Ball Park Nachos.

Ball Park Nachos
Tortilla chips covered with cheese, picadillo meat, pico de galo and salsa.  Php 495

Jack Daniel’s Half Ribs & Shrimps
Fire grilled cajun-spiced baby back pork ribs and glazed with Jack Daniel’s sauce.   Added with handful of butterflied shrimp and crispy fries.  Php 895

Jack Daniel’s Pork Chop
Tender pork chop and with a hefty helping of cheddar cheese mashed potatoes.  Served with corn and with Jack Daniel’s sauce. Php 605

Sizzlin’ Combo Fajita
Marinated steak and chicken breast on a bed of sauteed onion, red and green peppers, accompanied with colby cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo and flour tortillas. Php 585

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