Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Banh Xeo 46A

     Banh Xeo 46A is a simple outdoor restaurant.  But this street side restaurant has been visited and liked by Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations - TLC.  And so was I.
     If you are on a budget and want to eat authentic Vietnamese food, dine here and observe how the locals eat their famous Vietnamese pancake or banh xeo, so you will know how to enjoy it.  You can watch while they cook the pancakes on a hot rounded pan in a traditional way, using wood and charcoal for burning.

Banh Xeo

     Banh xeo is fried rice flour crepe stuffed with shrimp, pork, bean sprout and herb.  When you eat it, you have to wrap it in a lettuce or radish leaves with some herbs.  Then, dip a little of fish sauce and hot sauce for additional flavor.

Spicy Chicken Wings

     Spicy chicken wings are also delicious.  One order was not enough, so we ordered two plates to satisfy our appetite.

     To complete our meal, we had fresh coconut juice. It has a sweet taste which I like so much!  I even asked the waiter to open the shell so I can eat the meat inside.

     Overall experience? Satisfied and worth a try.  :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Authentic Best Pho of Vietnam

     When you are traveling to Ho Chi Minh City, it’s a must try to dine at Pho Hoa Pasteur to experience the best Vietnamese noodles in town.  During lunch time the restaurant is crowded with many locals and few foreigners.  The interior is very basic and not air-conditioned.  Though the floors, walls, and tables are not so perfectly clean, none of us got sick from eating here.

     Even for Vietnamese this restaurant is their number one choice for pho.  The broth is infused with strong flavorings and with lots of meat.  Fresh leaves can be added for more flavor and some Chinese bread to your liking.

Also, never miss to try ‘Café Sua Da’ or ‘cà phê sữa đá’ which means ice coffee.  It is a mixed of brewed Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk and some ice.  The taste is really rich and strong.  Oh I love their coffee!

Well-done beef noodles

Chinese Bread

Fresh leaves to flavor your noodles

Cafe Sua Da

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Join the Earth Hour Tonight!

     Let’s be part of Earth Hour Tonight!  Invite your relatives and friends to be a part of Earth Hour on March 31, 2012 at 8:30PM by simply switching the lights off for one hour.  Show our support and make a difference!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Café Antonio - Dumaguete

     One of the best restaurants in Dumaguete that you shouldn’t miss is Café Antonio.  The restaurant is on the second floor of the colonial house designed with charming furniture and swings.  If you know how to play piano, there’s one in the corner where you can play and show your talent.  The foods are awesome and delectable.  Also, you should try their coffee and it taste good like Starbucks at an affordable price.  The best so far I tasted in Dumaguete!



2/F Spanish Heritage Bldg.,
Sta. Catalina cor. San Juan Sts.
Dumaguete City

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pho Bac

     Curious for Vietnamese cuisine, brought us here at Pho Bac, only a few steps away from our office.  It serves exotic dishes of Vietnamese cuisine, Cambodian, Thai and Filipino dishes as well.  We ordered Cambodian noodles, Chicken Sotanghon, Four Seasons noodles, and Fresh Rolls.  A healthy meal with exotic and modern taste.


Chicken Sotanghon

Four Seasons

Fresh Rolls

Fresh Rolls Sauce

Glorietta 3 Mall, Ayala Center,
Makati City

50's Diner

     50’s Diner is decorated in an American 1950’s theme.  The interiors are painted in pink and blue.  The photos in frames are in 50’s too.  At the corner, there stands an old jukebox.  And dining is just very casual.

     They serve American food in big servings and at an affordable price.  One of the favorites are burgers, clubhouse, complete meal of chicken or steak and their famous shake.  It's such a hearty meal!

Gangsta Gangsta

Butterfly Shrimp


G. 50's Beef Stew

92 Upper Gen. Luna Rd.,
cor. Brent Rd., Baguio City

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Café by the Ruins

     I heard this restaurant from my officemates.  Many times I’ve been to Baguio City but I never got a chance to try this famous restaurant.  The moment we arrived in Baguio after a long trip from Sagada we decided to treat ourselves with sumptuous meal at Café by the Ruins.

     Café by the Ruins name came from the remaining structure of the theater that was damaged during World War II and later converted into a home of the civil governor, Phelps Whitmarsh.  Then it was turned into a restaurant.

     The interior is in Filipino style with a nice garden and homey ambiance.  Also, the place is spacious enough to accommodate big groups.

     Their popularity is not only known to locals but to foreign travelers as well.  People are lining up outside the restaurant waiting for some tables to be available.  I suggest that you come early during lunch and dinner.

     Café by the Ruins menus are prepared with the natural and local ingredients of the region.  Everything tastes excellent.  Though a little bit pricey, the experience is worth it.

Candle lit dinner

Hundred Islands Sinigang (Php 250)

Tita Susie's Crispy Tapa (Php 250)

Lemon Ricotta with Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms (Php 220)

Ruins Coffee with cinnamon

muscovado sugar

Sagada's Night Life

     Sagada has a night curfew and every establishments closes as early as 9PM.  But during weekends some bars are open until 12AM.  There are only a few bars to spend your night away in Sagada.  And we went out in a freezing temperature at night to see what they can offer.

     During that time, Sagada Pine Cafe was packed with customers, so we opt to have a few beers at Kimchi Restaurant.  But mind you, the waiter itself will sell you marijuana if you ask for one.  We even saw a couple of foreigners went here just to smoke marijuana.  I know its illegal but we didn't mind at all.

Below are photos from Kimchi Restaurant


Yoghurt House

     A trip to Sagada is not complete without trying the dishes of Yoghurt House.  The food is served with fresh vegetables, served hot and in generous servings.  Their home-made yogurt is popular among locals and tourist.  Aside from their yummy yogurt, from breakfast meal, lunch and to dinner, overall the taste is excellent.  They are the best restaurant in Sagada so far.

     The ambiance is rustic, cozy and warm.  You can smoke upstairs in the balcony.  But the size of restaurant is quite small especially if you come in group.

     I recommend this restaurant to eat, drink and relax.  And I will definitely come back for more to try their other dishes.

little kitchen


Grilled eggplant in basil pasta

Sauteed beef in onions and rice

Baked chicken with potato rosti and vegetable salad

Curry chicken (the best!)

Banana with strawberry yogurt

Granola with strawberry yogurt

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sans Rival

     Sans Rival started as a small bakeshop in 1977, then later evolved into a cafe.  Now they are famous for their sweet Silvanas and Sans Rival cake.

     Everyday the bakeshop is busy taking orders from their customers.  It's a must try and should never be missed.  So we ordered  some for our presents before going home.

    I ordered their best sellers Sans Rival cake and Silvanas.  Oh well, the taste is so yummy!  The creme just melts into your mouth!  :D

#3 San Jose St.,
Dumaguete City