Friday, May 27, 2011

Boycott the Black Coral Jewelry

     Poachers harvested 21,000 pieces of black corals off Cotabato province.  About 7,000 hectares of reef complex had been destroyed as believed by experts.

     This is very alarming! As you may know, corals take years to grow.  Harvesting it will also destroy the home of marine species.

     The sea and the marine species within the Philippine responsibility are ours. We should not let those poachers mostly of different nationalities destroy our marine resources.  Let’s protect our precious treasures.

     To our friends around the world, please help us to look into jewelry stores that may include smuggled black corals from the Philippines.

     Boycott those who sells jewelry made of black corals!  Spread the word…


  1. I copied your image. I linked the image back here in case someone clicks on it. I hope you don't mind :)

    BTW, it's on an article about punishments on environmental crimes and I like it that you had the same concern as mine.