Monday, January 9, 2012

Sans Rival

     Sans Rival started as a small bakeshop in 1977, then later evolved into a cafe.  Now they are famous for their sweet Silvanas and Sans Rival cake.

     Everyday the bakeshop is busy taking orders from their customers.  It's a must try and should never be missed.  So we ordered  some for our presents before going home.

    I ordered their best sellers Sans Rival cake and Silvanas.  Oh well, the taste is so yummy!  The creme just melts into your mouth!  :D

#3 San Jose St.,
Dumaguete City

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blue Monkey Grill

     It was a beautiful night with a bright full moon in Dumaguete when we dined here in "Blue Monkey."  An open casual dining restaurant good for drinking beers while you listen with lively music.  Always packed with both local and foreign customers. 

      Since, none of us would like to drink alcohol, we opted to have our supper and ordered sodas for our drinks.  We ordered mushroom soup, pork sisig, and pork barbeque at an affordable price.

     Good thing they have free wi-fi too.  :)

Mushroom Soup for our Starter

Pork Sisig

A photo of us before we start our meal.

Rizal Boulevard cor. Silliman Ave.,
Dumaguete City

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moon Cafe - Dumaguete

     Moon Cafe is a Mexican inspired restaurant in the Silliman Avenue.  With so many restaurants to choose from within the Rizal Boulevard area, we decided to have our dinner here.

     The ambiance is cozy and the interiors are all in Mexican theme.  The moment we sat down, I admire the colors of wall paint, the colorful jars and the beautiful ceiling fans.

     Service is excellent.  The waiters are always attentive to check your needs. 

     As for the foods we ordered, we didn't enjoy it much.  The taste is so common and there's nothing special. 

Colorful condiments

Mexican Baby Back Ribs

Lechon Kawali

Moon Steak

     The only thing we like is the Sun Cooler Juice.  It's a mix of fruits that have a distinct flavor.  So delicious and refreshing! 

Sun Coolers

     Maybe I should give a try some of their Mexican dishes like quesadillas, tacos, nachos, burritos, tostaditas, and chimichanga to rate the taste of their food overall.  Hopefully when I get a chance to visit Dumaguete someday.

#7 Silliman Ave. (near to Rizal Blvd.), Dumaguete City

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jo's Chicken Inato - Dumaguete Branch

     We were so hungry the moment we arrived in Dumaguete last December 10, 2011.  Jo's Chicken Inato a casual dining restaurant located near Silliman University caught our attention to try their barbecued chicken.  So we entered the restaurant to try their chicken inato. 

     We ordered Chicken Inato and so far it tasted good.  We also had our fresh coconut juice, perfect for times like this. 

     But what is bad about this restaurant is their service.  They served us the food without spoon and fork.  I even stand up and went to their counter to ask for utensils.  Since, there was no tissue provided, again, I went to their counter to ask for some table napkin.  They don't even dare to bother to know what the customer needs.  It looks like they were lazy to move and be attentive for their customers.  Hope they will have a customer service training, so they know what the customers are expecting from them.

Chicken Inato

Fresh Buko Juice

Silliman Ave., Dumaguete City

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hoy Lugaw

     An open eatery or fast food with crazy name "Hoy Lugaw" offers the best "lugaw" or congee in Dumaguete.  Aside from lugaw, they have mami too.  It taste good and the price is very cheap.  

     The seats are creative because they are made of "kaldero" or  pot. 

lugaw with egg
creative chairs made of "kaldero"

this is the view from Hoy Lugaw

Rizal Blvd., Dumaguete City