Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu

     We've been craving for such a long time to dine in shabu-shabu restaurant.  Good thing, Mc earned big bucks from her make-up career and treated us a delicious lunch at Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu Restaurant, Greenbelt 3.

     Thousand Cranes is a Japanese Restaurant that serves individual shabu-shabu.  The customer has its own stove and pot for cooking the thin slices of pork, beef, seafood, chicken, noodles, fresh vegetables in steaming broth.  You can also grill meat and seafood.  They also have other Japanese food in their menu.

     We ordered seafood and beef combo shabu-shabu which is good for 4-6 people.  It is a tasty shabu-shabu that we paired with a bowl of rice and fresh coconut juice.  Since Maia is craving for California Maki, we ordered one and shared it.

noodles, squid balls, crab sticks, tofu, corn, fresh vegetables

fresh Kobe beef

fresh crab

cooking all the ingredients :)

California Maki

and my favorite Buko Juice 

2nd floor Greenbelt 3,
Ayala Center, Makati City

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wish Lanterns!

     Come and join the BANCHETTO-MEGATENT special activity on Friday, November 11, 2011.  They will celebrate the 11-11-11 on that night with a bang!

     They will have WISH LANTERNS!

     Wish lanterns are like mini hot air balloons.  The person will write her wish for the future and will release the lantern into the sky.  It will be in the air for about 12 minutes and goes up until it vanishes into the dark sky.

     The wish lantern costs Php 100 each - it comes with a wishing paper and small candle.

     Lanterns will be sold at the venue on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS.

Source: Banchetto

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ariel 3D Deep Clean First 3D Projection Mapping Fashion Show

     Ariel 3D Deep Clean recently had a press launch using the coolest 3D Projection Mapping on October 24, 2011 at the Microtel Hotel and SMX Open Grounds of SM Mall of Asia.  It is the first in the country so far a detergent showing its three cleaning power with combination of fashion show and 3D technology in one.

     How can Ariel detergent has something to do with Bench and LG TV?  Bench proves that when you use Ariel 3D Deep Clean it will longer the life of your clothes.  While the best way to watch Ariel's 3D advertisement is through LG TV.

     Buy Ariel now that comes with a bundle of 3D glass!  Then watch Ariel's 3D advertisement right in your home with your LG TV on November 20.

Look how Ariel removes the stain from the cloth.

Host Boy Abunda with Bench's Brand Manager.

Boy Abunda with Ariel's brand manager and ER Leader.

LG booth

Us at the Bench booth

Monday, October 10, 2011

Westlife Gravity Tour in Manila

     During my college years, some of the songs I really love were from Westlife.  But I did not watch their previous concerts due to some circumstances.  So this time I grab the opportunity and bought a ticket to watch the Gravity Tour in Araneta Coliseum together with my friends.

     The moment we entered the coliseum, I was amazed to see how big the crowd was.  So we tried to find a nice spot where we can record a video and take photos.

     We were so excited to see them, so when Westlife went up the stage, everyone were screaming out loud to their lungs.  The first song was overpowered by screaming fans, you can't hear it clearly.

     At the middle of the show, they called some of the fans carrying banners that caught their attention to come up the stage and they even asked us to do the Mexican wave twice.  Well, we did it!  Lol

     The group did their best to entertain the audience.  It was fun watching their concert!
     Here are some of the photos taken by my friend Tere Oliveros.

Nicky the darling of the crowd

Shane the vocal leader



Final Set

Videos of their Gravity Tour in Manila.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Conti's Pastry Shop and Restaurant

     Conti's Pastry and Restaurant is popular for its pastries, cakes and catering services.  They are known for their delicious dishes love by Filipinos.  Since Maia an officemate of mine was craving for the baked salmon, we walked from our office to Greenbelt 2 and arrived there to see that the restaurant was packed with customers.  We were told to line at the waiting area to wait for some table to be vacant but there were 5 in wait ahead of us.  So I suggested that we'll just dine outside at the alfresco.  Majority of us ordered a Norwegian Pink Baked Salmon to see how it taste like but JC preferred Spaghetti and Gambas.  Well, the baked salmon was heaven! :)

Conti's Baked Salmon

Paella Rice

Gambas y Champinon al Ajillo

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center,
Makati City

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Army Navy

     Are you tough enough to eat big burgers?  Here at Army Navy you can enjoy their "Bully Boy Burger" that   comes with a three quarter pound natural beef patties, topped with fresh crispy lettuce, tomato slice & onions, mayo & ketchup on a toasted Sesame Seed Kaiser Bun.  It's so tasty that you can even taste the sweet juice of beef.  Because it was a real beef patties, I easily got full and only ate half of it.  I like the fries too! :)

Bully Boy Burger

The Fries


2/F Glorietta 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Passion Restaurant

     We were invited by my niece 'Alia' here in Passion Restaurant at Maxims Hotel, Resorts World for her birthday celebration last August 28, 2011.  It is a fine dining restaurant within the six-star Maxims Hotel with grandiose interior and exquisite taste of Cantonese style cooking.

     Passion has 400 seats and seven VIP rooms.  The ceilings are decorated with charming red lanterns.  The flooring is carpeted and the tables are covered with yellow embossed silk.  Table settings are already done when we arrived.


     Dumpling All-You-Can for Php 750.  I easily got full with all the dumplings I ate.

Fried Noodle with Soya Sauce Hong Kong Style

Chao Chow Dumpling

Szechuan Spicy Dumpling

Big Shrimp Dumpling

Steamed Pork with Black Bean

Steamed Bean Curd Skin Roll with Mixed Mushroom

Maxims Hotel, Resorts World
Pasay City


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stackers Burger

     Last night, my friends and I dined at Stackers Burger in Newport Mall.  It was my first time to eat in this casual dining restaurant that offers great burgers and coffee.  The burgers are big and 100% Australian beef with their signature sauce of your choice.  So yummy!

Philly Cheese Burger with fries and iced tea 

Fish and Chips


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mister Kabab "Affordable Authentic Persian Food"

     Last Friday my officemates dragged me to West Avenue, Quezon City to have dinner at Mister Kabab.  When we arrived, the restaurant was packed with customers so we lined up first to get a table.

     Mister Kabab is not air-conditioned as expected and not a formal restaurant to dine in.  Though there are ceiling fans to ventilate the place.

     The prices are absolutely affordable!  That's why it is popular among students and yuppies.

     Chicken kebab, beef kebab, rice beryani and keema with eggplant are some of their specialties we ordered.  All for only Php 425.

Chicken Kebab

Beeb Kebab

Keema with Eggplant

Beryani Rice

31 West Avenue, Quezon City

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chatime "Good Tea Good Time"

     I wonder everytime I pass by at Landmark bridge going to Glorietta this store is always packed with craving customers.  Maybe because of their mouth watering tea drinks and juices.  So I bought one for myself to see how it taste like.  And "YES" its delicious! :D

     What's good about Chatime is that you can customize the amount of ice and sugar level.   While you wait a disk buzzer is given to you, then it will light and vibrate once your order is ready.

Roasted Milk Tea

Chatime buzzer

2/F Landmark, Makati City