Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love and other Drugs

Maggie (Anne Hathaway) is a free spirited woman, indipendent, and doesn’t want commitments.  Jamie (Jake Gylenhaal) is charming, easy going and womanizer.  He first worked at electronic store but he was fired when the manager caught him and his girlfriend having sex.  So his brother offers him to find a job as a medical representative.  Jamie is hired by Pfizer and he uses his charm to convince the doctors to prescribe Zoloft and Zithromax.  He is rebuffed constantly by doctors, so he tried his best to convince Dr. Knight to prescribe Zoloft because the others will follow his lead.
Jamie meets one of Knights patient, Maggie, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease at early onset.  Once again, he uses his charm with the receptionist to get the contact number of Maggie.  He dated her and when they return to her apartment they have sex.
One day, in the hospital parking lot, he was confronted by one of Maggie’s lover to get away from her and the doctors.  But that doesn’t stop him from seeing Maggie, that night when he is unable to get an erection, Maggie teases him that he should use Viagra.  He started selling Viagra, which becomes popular with the doctors and add spice with Maggie and Jamie’s sex life.
Jamie finds himself falling in love with Maggie, but Maggie ignored his feelings at first.  They argue about their relationship and she leaves.  Jamie waited for her, when the bus comes back, Maggie is touched that he waited and agree to work their relationship.
Jamie asks Maggie to attend a conference.  She is moved with the stories of the people who suffers the same disease.  Maggie asks Jamie to join her and he meets a man with wife who’s suffering from stage 4 Parkinson’s Disease.  He asks for advice but the man just tell him to find a healthy girlfriend instead.  He gets confused.  After the conference, Maggie tells him how much she loves him.
Jamie and Maggie finds an appointment with a specialist to have some tests done.  Then one time he gets upset because their appointment was rescheduled.  Maggie walks out and they fight, she insists that there is no cure.  Maggie thinks that Jamie would only love her if she is healthy, so she breaks up with him.
After some time, as he is meeting Bruce, he runs into Maggie who is on a date.  Bruce tells him that he is promoted to the Chicago office.  As he go home and packs his things for Chicago, he finds the video he recorded with Maggie and realizes that he must go after Maggie.  He looks for Maggie and he goes after her on way to Canada.  He asks her to get off the bus and talks to him for 5 minutes to work things out.  He tells her about she makes him a better person, that he needs her and love her.  They live together again and Jamie refused the Chicago promotion, and instead continues his medical studies.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hachiko: A Dog's Tale

     Based on the true story of a professor and the special bond he shared with the abandoned puppy he found at the train station. It is about the devotion and love of a dog for his master.

     Hachi the dog and the professor walks to train station every morning when he comes to work, but the dog comes back every afternoon to wait for his master arrival. Until one day the professor suffered a heart attack and died.  After the professor died, Hachi continued to show up at the train station to wait for his master patiently until the next nine years.

     A statue was erected in honor of Hachi after he died.

     A tear-jerker movie!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Lost Valentine

     Just watched "The Lost Valentine."  It's a great love story of an old woman named "Caroline" that started during World War II.  The husband left for the war to fight the Japanese soldiers in the Philippines.  What keeps them going? Are the letters.  Then one day her fear came when the Western Union delivered a telegram from the U.S. Navy telling that her husband have been missing in action.  She never gave up and hoping that one day her love will return alive.  So every Valentine, she waited at the train station where they parted their ways before.  With the help of the journalist who's working with her love story, they were able to locate the people who can tell what happened to her husband, and returned his remains to be given a proper military burial.  They met again after 66 years right at the train station.