Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mister Kabab "Affordable Authentic Persian Food"

     Last Friday my officemates dragged me to West Avenue, Quezon City to have dinner at Mister Kabab.  When we arrived, the restaurant was packed with customers so we lined up first to get a table.

     Mister Kabab is not air-conditioned as expected and not a formal restaurant to dine in.  Though there are ceiling fans to ventilate the place.

     The prices are absolutely affordable!  That's why it is popular among students and yuppies.

     Chicken kebab, beef kebab, rice beryani and keema with eggplant are some of their specialties we ordered.  All for only Php 425.

Chicken Kebab

Beeb Kebab

Keema with Eggplant

Beryani Rice

31 West Avenue, Quezon City

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