Monday, January 2, 2012

Jo's Chicken Inato - Dumaguete Branch

     We were so hungry the moment we arrived in Dumaguete last December 10, 2011.  Jo's Chicken Inato a casual dining restaurant located near Silliman University caught our attention to try their barbecued chicken.  So we entered the restaurant to try their chicken inato. 

     We ordered Chicken Inato and so far it tasted good.  We also had our fresh coconut juice, perfect for times like this. 

     But what is bad about this restaurant is their service.  They served us the food without spoon and fork.  I even stand up and went to their counter to ask for utensils.  Since, there was no tissue provided, again, I went to their counter to ask for some table napkin.  They don't even dare to bother to know what the customer needs.  It looks like they were lazy to move and be attentive for their customers.  Hope they will have a customer service training, so they know what the customers are expecting from them.

Chicken Inato

Fresh Buko Juice

Silliman Ave., Dumaguete City

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